Sport Overview


At South Grafton High School each year we participate in Combined High Schools (CHS) and other non CHS sporting competitions. Each year we will participate in Soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Squash, Tennis, Cricket, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Touch Footy, Kayaking, Volleyball, Basketball, Aussie Rules, Indoor Cricket, Dance, Table Tennis, Equestrian, Rowing, Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country and many other sports.

We encourage participation at South Grafton High School. Our school sports carnivals are designed in a way that encourages and gives each and every student the opportunity to participate in events within the carnivals, competitive and non-competitive athletes. A house competition is also run in conjunction with the three carnivals, with the house champions being acknowledged at the conclusion of the three major carnivals.

From our major carnivals, and CHS knockout competitions students who qualify to represent the school have the opportunity to gain selection into Zone, Regional, State and Australian teams in most sports.

South Grafton High has a lunch time sport development/competition that takes place every lunch time during the week except Wednesday’s. Students have the opportunity to be part of a team and participate in a variety of different sports during lunch. Students are taught the rules and skills required to participate in a semi-competitive environment. This is a great opportunity for students to burn off excess energy, refresh the mind and experience all the benefits, socially, mentally and physically that sport and physical activity brings. It also helps students enhance their academic performance. We have had a total of 535 competitors compete in 3 competitions, Indoor cricket, 8 a side soccer and Oztag. At any one time there are approximately 220 students involved in a lunchtime sport at South Grafton High. The lunchtime sports are not compulsory and students are allowed to enter and make their own teams.

Towards the end of each year, The SGHS Sports Awards Presentation is held. This Presentation recognises the outstanding achievements of both individual’s and SGHS sporting teams. There are a number of different awards that recognise the contribution that these students have made both individually and collectively in representing South Grafton High School. This year we started up our “Elite Athlete’s” awards for those students who have excelled in sport and representative honours. We had 21 students receive this award.

Sport is viewed as a highly important and integral part of the journey that students will experience at South Grafton High School. It is for this reason that, we look to continually develop Sport and the opportunities that it brings to Students.