Platinum Class


What is the Platinum Class?
Self Select classes are for students who have a passion for learning. The pace and methods of teaching in these classes enables students to be exposed to a broader educational experience where they are challenged to meet and maintain above average expectations. As a member of a Self Select class a student will be surrounded by other students who share the same educational priorities and values, further strengthening the Self Select experience. (Application)

Why consider a Platinum Class?

“Accepting the opportunity to be in the Self Select class from Years 7-10 has impacted positively on my high school education. Our school has a high standard of technology, which both teachers and students embrace for learning.

The experience has helped me focus and consider my future aspirations.”

Luke Barkley, School Captain 2012

Platinum Classes:

  • are an innovative concept
  • support Excellence and Innovation through Quality Teaching
  • engage committed, enthusiastic and independent learners
  • encourage working alongside like-minded peers
  • support Excellence and Innovation through expectation and achievement
  • promote self regulation through commitment and partnership with teachers
  • inspire students to use high order thinking skills to achieve their personal best
  • can be subject specific
  • may involve students who stay together for all subjects

How does my child apply for the Platinum Class?
Students, with their parents’ support, nominate by written application to be considered in this valuable program. The students:

  • are self motivated and enthusiastic
  • have a passion for learning
  • exhibit positive behaviour at all times
  • demonstrate the ability to work independently and co-operatively
  • demonstrate higher achievement of outcomes
  • engage in extended classwork and homework


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