Djehuti Smart


What is Djehuti Smart?

Djehuti Smart is a South Grafton High School Numeracy Initiative developed for in class and individual tuition to improve students recall and application of number facts. QuickSmart is the withdrawal program that pairs two students with one QuickSmart Tutor four times a fortnight. Djehuti Smart is also based on flashcards and speedsheets but delivered to a full class within Mathematics classes.

The Aim of the Djehuti Smart Numeracy Program is to improve accuracy and speed of recall for numeracy facts that students already understand but cannot yet automatically recall.

The Rationale for the Djehuti Smart Program is that students are better able to successfully engage with higher order tasks such as problem solving, when the limited capacity of their working memory is available to solve these tasks, rather than using the working memory to re-discover known number facts.

The Goal of the Djehuti Smart Program is to improve speed of recall and accuracy in numeracy units. Our continual graphing as an assessment tool highlights each student’s progress. This reinforces automaticity of number facts.

The Objective of each lesson is to ensure that students have sufficient understanding to recall numeracy knowledge then to increase speed of recall and accuracy.

The Instructional Methods used in the Djehuti Smart Program involve the use of:

*flashcards with the challenge of improving one’s personal best of how many flashcard can be correctly answered in one minute. These results are then graphed.

*speedsheets with the challenge of improving one’s personal best of how many number facts can be correctly answered over two minutes. These results are also graphed.

*problem solving with the use of worksheets and/or games that reinforce the strategies learnt.

The Application of units of numeracy in the Djehuti Smart Program:

Understanding Number

Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division

Fractions Decimals

Integers Percentages.


Why Djehuti Smart?

Djehuti was an Ancient Egyptian god known as a mediating power between good and evil.

He is also known as the god of Mathematics. Djehuti is attributed with the calculations of the heavens, the stars and the earth and everything in them.

In Ancient Egyptian mythology there are three main epic battles.

One is the great battle between Horus (the sky god) and Seth (the god of chaos). The myth tells that the battle was to avenge the death of Horus’ father. Seth appears in the form of a black bear and wounds Horus by ripping out his left eye. Seth swallowed the eye but was compelled to vomit it out when chains of steel were tightened around his neck. Learn more about the battle here.

The eye of Horus is famous in Ancient mythology and featured in the Djehuti emblem. Djehuti was the god who declared Horus the victor and restored the eye to Horus. It is known as the “all seeing eye”. Learn more about the eye of Horus here.

Those who wear the eye are ensured safety from evil, will be protected in health and provided with wisdom and prosperity.

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