Nouvelle Calédonie


Bienvenue en Nouvelle Calédonie- Mrs Lancaster

Pendant les dernières vacances, mes élèves en terminale sont allés en Nouvelle Calédonie. OOPS!! In the April holidays, Year 12 French Beginner students and a Year 8 French student travelled with Mr Doerner and Mrs Lancaster to New Caledonia as part of our newly established school exchange with Collège Portes de Fer in Nouméa. Hayden, Matthew, Bradley and Jasper stayed with the families of students at the Collège, reinforcing strongly that it pays to study French hard BEFORE you go on a trip to a French-speaking country! Luckily the parents spoke some English, so no- one starved.

As a group, we had some great experiences, visiting the beautiful aquarium, a museum, snorkelling off an island, patisseries, boulangeries, the national park and trying not to get eaten by tiger sharks. We spent some time in the school and there was not a mobile phone in sight, and everyone provided their own stationery.

ANZAC Day was not forgotten and we attended a ceremony held at the NZ war cemetery high up in the mountains. New Caledonia during WW2 was the major American/ NZ and Australian base in the Pacific and many lives were lost here. We met the Australian Ambassador to New Caledonia, who did his whole speech in French, making Mrs Lancaster think that he must have always listened to his French teacher in high school!

I was very proud of my small group from SGHS. A big thanks to Monsieur Doerner for accompanying us. Hopefully we will be able to billet some students from the college in 2017 and pay a visit to New Caledonia every second year.



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