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South Grafton High School has been part of the Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE project since 2013. The aims of this project include strengthening the Asian language capabilities of Australian students and building intercultural understanding among teachers and students in Australia and Asia. In May 2013 Mr Mark Avery and Miss Gemma Rainger attended an induction course in Melbourne where they met the BRIDGE teachers from our partner school, SMAN 2 Sampit. This school is a state senior high school in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The two teachers Pak Agung Hariatmaka and Bu Fitriyah then returned to South Grafton for a two week homestay.

Since then the teachers and students of our schools have been corresponding by email, sharing information on our BRIDGE wikispace, skyping and doing projects about each other’s country. South Grafton High School Year 8 Indonesian classes have just recently completed powerpoint presentations about the threats to orangutans and their habitat in Indonesia.

In April, 2014 Mr Avery and Mrs Lianne Fisher participated in a two week study tour to Indonesia which included a visit to our BRIDGE sister school, SMAN 2 Sampit. Highlights of the tour included a welcome dance on our arrival by students from SMAN 2 Sampit and a visit to the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre at Tanjung Puting National Park.


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