SLIKK – Manggarla-jaganyji gamambi girrwaanbi


Manggarla-jaganyji gamambi girrwaanbi / SLIKK

What is SLIKK?

Take the lead Aboriginal students! SLIKK stands for Student Leadership is for Koori Kids, a regional program to develop Aboriginal leaders in schools across the Coffs-Clarence region. Our students come from all grades across the school, with an emphasis on senior students, and reflect the Grafton Aboriginal community. Our students represent all three nations of the Clarence: Gumbayngirr, Bundjalung & Yaegl as well as Goorie students who are off-country.

What do we do?

We have four main goals:

– To network with indigenous students in other schools of the region

– To develop leadership skills in the school, home and community

– To develop cultural knowledge with a focus on Gumbayngirr country

– To look out for Goorie students in our school and help them reach their potential.​

When do we meet?

We have a special interest group that meets most weekdays as well as special meetings throughout the year.

So who’s on SLIKK?

The SLIKK representatives for this year are:

Hayley Nagle, Catherine Ferguson-Gardiner, Marley Nipps, Courtney Waters, Kate-Lyn Ferguson-Gardiner, Madellyn Cowan, Chloe Scrivener-Harris, Tiara Irwin, Samantha Duroux, Hayley Duroux, Alina Walker, Kyleisha Skinner-Hookey, Talara Dutton, Arianna Fritz, Shonta Morris, Janelle Riley, Moesha Cameron, Danniella Gilmore, Shaun Dixon, Taya Hookey, Vanessa Phillips, Stanley Griffiths, Ryack O”Driscoll.

Look out for what we will be doing to make our school a better place for all students but especially for our Goorie kids!

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