Aug 152017

This term from 14 August to 22 September schools across NSW will be participating in the NAPLAN Online school readiness test. The school readiness test is a ‘practice run’ designed to help schools assess their technical and administrative readiness for the transition to NAPLAN Online. students in years 7 and 9 will be participating in the readiness test between Monday 11 September and Friday 15 September 2017. The readiness test will involve students in year 3, 5, 7 and 9 sitting two, 40-minute assessments, a writing test and a combined numeracy/literacy test. (Year 3 students will not participate in the writing test). Student participation in the readiness test is an opportunity for them to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online test format. It is not an assessment of student ability and there will be no reporting of student results It is important to note that participation in the school readiness test has no effect on students’ NAPLAN results from the paper-based tests students sat in May. There’s a lot more information on the department’s NAPLAN Online website



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