SGHS Yearbook/Magazine Team


Each year South Grafton High School produces a magazine and interactive DVD to document the school’s efforts, events and achievements. This is a huge, yet rewarding and valuable experience, that you can become a part of by joining the magazine team.

From Term 2 2015, the yearbook team will meet every Monday lunchtime in B9C. At the meetings we will create collage pages in Adobe PhotoShop, an industry standard image editing software, learn how to use a camera and take quality photos, write surveys, interview students and staff and generally learn about desktop publishing. As a member of the team you will help collect, collate and produce material and pages for the magazine and DVD. As the editor Mr Martin facilitates the collecting of content, and the creation of digital content using various programs on the computer. There are always tasks that do not require a computer, like interviewing teachers and students about various issues.

Volunteering for an extra-curricular activity such as this one can provide you with skills that look excellent on a resume and can help you in preparing your school assignments too. You might even discover new career options by being in the desktop publishing environment.

New students are most welcome to join the team as new ideas are most welcome.

Our yearbook aims to promote positive attributes of the school as well as being an historical record for each year.

For more information contact Mr Martin in the Computing Studies Staffroom (B2).

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