Vocational Education Training (VET)

Industry Curriculum Frameworks provide students with the opportunity to gain industry-recognised national vocational qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as part of their NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC). HSC courses within Industry Curriculum Frameworks count as Board Developed unit credit for the HSC. Frameworks include an HSC examination which provides the opportunity for students to have this HSC examination marks contribute to the calculation of their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).(BOSTES)

So what is VET?

VET courses aim to provide people with the skills and knowledge they require to:

  • Enter the workforce
  • Train for a new job
  • Move into further study

What does VET provide?

  • Basic skills and training for social and community participation
  • A range of nationally recognised qualifications, including Certificates
  • Flexibility of subject choices to gain specific skills


SGHS is considered as part of the DoE Tamworth Region Registered Training Organisation. At SGHS students can gain their HSC with an AQF course listed on their HSC. They will also receive their Statement of Attainment, or Certificate in that subject as a separate document.

How is VET taught?

All VET subjects are taught as the Australian system of AQF teaching industry standards and learning outcomes, via training packages. Students must demonstrate specific skills to meet these standards. This is known as competency-based training. Australia’s system of competency-based training comprises a set of competency standards and qualifications developed by industry through industry skills councils.


Students must complete mandatory hours of Workplacement to qualify for HSC in their subject.

Subjects at SGHS include:

Accelerated students

Accelerated Hospitality is offered at SGHS


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