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Welcome to Human Society and Its Environment – aka HSIE – aka Humanities – aka Social Science.

Where studying the past and the present takes you to the future!

Our subject area is one of the biggest in the school and certainly caters for a wide variety of interests. In the junior years, there are the core History and Geography studies that everyone does, alongside elective subjects like Commerce, Aboriginal Studies and Elective History. Every subject skills you up in researching and communicating along with providing a chance to see what real life is like beyond school and what you need to know to face it. In the senior years you can specialise in the subjects you really enjoy – just look at what we offer:
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As well as our vocational courses:

Now that you know what we teach, meet your teachers:

Ms Anna Carle – Ms Carle’s enthusiasm is contagious. Whether teaching Aboriginal Studies, our History subjects or Geography, Ms Carle’s lessons encourage a deeper understanding of the problems in the world around us. Be prepared to think – and for lots of laughs. Ms Carle is our acting Head Teacher HSIE.

Ms Lianne Fisher Ms Fisher cares about the student and the subjects we teach. Equally passionate about History and Geography, Ms Fisher’s lessons draw on the usefulness of the subject for each student’s personal lives. Because of this, Ms Fisher also teaches a vocational subject, Retail.

Ms Donna McCarthy – With a passion for History and a commitment to excellence, Ms McCarthy is a valuable part of the HSIE team. Ms McCarthy focuses on the senior Ancient, Modern and Extension History courses, as well as Geography. She is equally committed to getting the best out of junior History and Geography students.

Mr Ray Pobjoy – Mr Pobjoy has one focus in the classroom. With a love of History, Geography and our other social studies courses, Mr Pobjoy’s classes try to encourage questions and make links between the different subjects we teach – with a few accents thrown in. Mr Pobjoy also teaches some of our vocational subjects preparing you for the workplace.

Mr Michael Fawcett – Mr Fawcett brings a wealth of experience which he uses to focus on the individual needs of the students in his classroom. With a love of Geography and a passion for teaching, Mr Fawcett’s classes provide a great learning environment for students to achieve their personal best.

Mr Ross Miller – Mr Miller is a specialist HSIE teacher with a depth of background in Modern History who has worked hard as part-time member of our faculty for the last few years.

Mrs Judith Cain – Mrs Cain is a dedicated teacher who has done a brilliant job teaching in our faculty for almost ten years both casually and part-time – it is a privilege to have her with us.

Ms Shabnam More – Ms More is an enthusiastic teacher with a keen sense of humour. She previously qualified as a lawyer and brings this depth of expertise to our Legal Studies classes.

Ms Sarah Reece – Ms Reece has a lively and dedicated approach to teaching that encourages students to achieve excellence. Ms Reece specialises in the commercial side of our subject area, but enjoys working across all our subjects and with all of our students.

Any questions about our subjects or classes, please call the school on (02) 6642 1466 and ask to speak with Ms Carle.

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