Stage 6 Software Design & Development


Stage 6 Software Design & Development is a 2 year long elective option for Years 11 and 12. If you enjoy creating or want to learn how to create user interfaces, mobile and computer programs/applications, finding out and changing how things work inside a computer, gaming or just computing in general, you should think about selecting Software Design & Development as one of your subject choices. Your learning in this course is showcased in an internally marked , student selected HSC Major Project at the end of the HSC course.

If you enjoyed studying Information & Software Technology in Years 9 and 10 you would find SDD to your liking, however it is not at all necessary for you to have studied IST. The Z elective Game Design also provides a great insight into the world of software development.

To find out more about this course please contact Computing Staff in the B2 Computing staffroom.


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