Stage 6 Information Processes and Technology


Stage 6 Information Processes and Technology is a Board Developed, 2 year, 2 unit elective and is a Category A course, that counts towards an ATAR.

In this subject students learn about Project Management and Information Systems through the understanding of current and future trends in technology. During the Preliminary year students develop their understanding of how computers work, aspects of data and how they manipulate and store information.


The HSC year augments their knowledge about database management systems, communication systems and two option topics from the following list:

  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Automated Manufacturing Systems
  • Multimedia Systems

Project based learning assists students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical applications. This can include websites, databases with forms, queries and reports, as well as spreadsheets, Photoshop and audio files.

Information Processes and Technology Stage 6 is designed to enable students to become confident, competent, discriminating and ethical users of information technologies, to possess an understanding of information processes and to appreciate the effect of information systems on society. (Information Processes and Technology, Stage 6 Syllabus; Board of Studies NSW;2009)


Future career development could include, but is not limited to, Systems Analysts, Website Development, Project Management, and Information System Manager.


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