Stage 4 Information and Software Technology


Stage 5 Information and Software Technology is a two year course offered as an elective for Year 9 and 10 students.

Studying this course in Stage 5 will develop students’ knowledge and understanding, confidence and creativity in analysing, designing, developing and evaluating information and software technology solutions.

The course is broken into core content and options where areas of study include;


  • Hardware


  • Software
  • Data Handling
  • Past, Current and Emerging Technologies
  • People
  • Issues


  • Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modelling,
  • Authoring and Multimedia
  • Database Design
  • Digital Media
  • The Internet and Website Development
  • Networking Systems
  • Robotics and Automated Systems
  • Software Development and Programming

This course has links to four courses offered in Stage 6: Information and Digital Technology VET, Information Processes and Technology, Software Design and Development and Industrial Technology Multimedia; however, it is not a pre-requisite.

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