Mariella’s Special Gumbaynggir Project


Special Gumbaynggir Project

This year, Mariella Torrens (a student from Germany in year 8) was involved in a special project with Aunty Irene Daley through Junior Norta Norta Indigenous support. In undertaking this special project, Mariella demonstrated commitment to her academic studies, while at the same time developing her English language skills. Working side by side with Aunty Irene in traditional Indigenous practice, Mariella researched her Indigenous heritage and family tree. At the same time, she developed her knowledge of Gumbaynggir vocabulary and culture. The special project also involved research of traditional Gumbaynggir children’s stories. From this research, Mariella created a major art work. She worked to develop her knowledge of art techniques and materials and documented her learning in her Visual Arts Process Diary. Undertaking this project helped Mariella to further develop her English skills in reading, writing and oral interaction.

Mariella's Art Project

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