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All students in Years 1 to 12 as well as parents/guardians of those students need to review and adhere to the following rules for laptop ownership:

LAPTOPS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION & COMMUNITIES until such time that students satisfactorily complete their Year 12 studies.

If a student leaves school after attaining the age of 17 without completing Year 12, they MUST return the laptop to the school. Also if a student leaves South Grafton High to attend a non-government school or moves interstate they are required to return the laptop.

ALL CONTENT ON THE LAPTOPS IS SUBJECT TO REVIEW BY STAFF. If there is a Police request, DER staff will provide access to the laptop and personal network holdings associated with the use of laptops.

  • Students are responsible for the proper use of their LOANED DER laptop
  • Laptops must be brought to school FULLY CHARGED, EVERY DAY
  • Chargers are not to be brought to school under any circumstance
  • Any damage to the laptops is to be reported as soon as possible
  • An Incident Report and Statutory Declaration must be completed for all damage or loss of laptops
  • In the case of stolen devices or lost devices the police must be notified by either contacting the nearest Police Station or calling the Police Assistance line on 13 14 44. The officers name and an Event or E number must be returned to the school with the Incident Report and Stat Dec.
  • Negligent or wilful damage must be paid for as outlined in the User Charter that was signed by the parent/carer and student. An invoice will be generated by the Finance staff. A loan laptop will not be issued until a $100 deposit is paid towards the repair of broken device.
  • If you are having problems with your battery not holding charge, see your TSO – Mr White
  • Students are responsible for replacement of damaged chargers

Under no circumstance are students to log into the laptops or school computers using the credentials belonging to anyone else. This includes TAFE or university passwords. Some students may have their own TAFE passwords, but they are still not permitted to log into the laptops using them.

This can be deemed fraudulent behaviour which is illegal.

Students found using inappropriate login details will have their internet access suspended and can lead to other disciplinary action being taken.

Teachers have the right to confiscate a laptop if they believe a student is using them inappropriately in class. They may even set a detention or in some cases up to five before the student will have their laptop returned. The laptops will then be handed to the TSO for full review of content.

When a laptop is reviewed all files are checked. If banned content is found a negative RISC is posted against the students name, and a reveiw form filled out. Banned content will be deleted from the laptop before it is returned to the student. In some cases the content will be shown to the Principal or Deputy Principal for determination of consequences. If necessary, a student may be put on a level or in extreme cases, suspended.


  • Pornography
  • Fight videos
  • Videos of any other description – movies or music in particular because of Copyright laws.
  • Games of any kind except Mathletics and Coolmaths games (as they form part of the curriculum)
  • Revealing photos or either males or females
  • Photos of students involved in drinking or drug taking

Best rule is, if you don’t think mum or dad would like to see it, don’t have it on there.


New BYOD Policy

Websites with information/resources for computer safety

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